Groups & Workshops

Group Supervision/Consultation (dates TBA) We are in the process of putting together our supervision/consultation group for licensed mental health professionals. We would love to hear from you! If you’re interested in sending us your feedback, please fill-out our survey by clicking on the following link: Feminist Case Consultation Survey.

Loving Conflict: A Mindful Communications Skills Workshop for Couples (dates TBA)  All relationships have conflict. The question is: Do the conflicts drive you apart or bring you closer together? Rosie Behr, LCSW-C and Yitzy Stopak offer training in mindful communication skills and techniques, to help you learn to use conflicts to increase intimacy in your relationship, illustrated by stories from their own 35+ year relationship. Rosie and Yitzy have been offering similar training for over 15 years. Fee $200 (sliding fee available). Contact Rosie for next scheduled workshop at 410-532-2476 or

Monday Therapy Group (on hiatus) Our ongoing therapy group is open to all genders. Work on your personal goals while getting support and perspective from the group. Group work can: counteract feelings of isolation, offer the opportunity to be real with others, and help you see your patterns of relating. Explore new communication skills in an environment of safety and respect. Our group is led by Dana Shaw, LCSW-C and Rosie Behr, LCSW-C. Please call or email for more information at 410-532-2476 or

Mindful Eating Workshop (Saturdays, dates TBA) Explore your relationship with food! We’ll learn to notice what happens when we diet/deprive/restrict, when we overeat, when we eat from physical hunger, when we eat from emotional hunger. We’ll explore how our relationship with food shines a light on our relationships with other aspects of our lives, and we’ll practice paying attention to what we really want. This workshop is led by Rosie Behr, LCSW-C and Stefani Levin, LGSW. Series of four sessions. Sliding fee. Contact Rosie or Stefani for questions, at 410-532-2476 or